video – ScreenTime: macOs Fullscreen Bug?

We have configured our kids' devices to use Apple's Screentime limits. This works more or less well on iOS, having disabled Safari because it's per-domain handling of screentime limits is confusing.

On macOS though, the following behaviour occurs often:

  • Kid watches Youtube or Netflix in Chrome
  • Of course, in fullscreen mode.
  • Screentime limits ends, but as the fullscreen video is in another “Space” on the Mac, it somehow doesn't manage to stop the viewing.
  • Consequence: Kid watches entire Season if we don't notice it.
  • Only after fullscreen mode has been ended, the limit kicks in and kid has to ask for more screen time.

I haven't been able to find anything on this subject. Have you heard of such a bug and/or can you recommend any changes in the settings?

Author: Subham

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