iPhone gains China market share in declining smartphone market

iPhone 14 demand down by 14% y/y

The entire smartphone market in China is getting hit badly, but Apple is gaining marketshare with the iPhone 14 despite lower shipments than 2021.

According to a combined report from J.P. Morgan and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology seen by AppleInsider, shipments declined by about 14% if data from September and October 2022 are aggregated to account for the later iPhone 13 Pro shipping dates in 2021. Without that aggregated data, iPhone shipments show a 30% decline year over year in October.

Despite this decline, Apple saw its market share in China increase by about 1% year over year. In 2021 it was at about 21% market share and is at 22% market share in 2022. This is due to the Chinese smartphone market seeing demand decreased by 18% overall year over year.

Author: Subham

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