Wild new mechanical keyboard sports a full screen under clear keys

Gaming mouse-maker Finalmouse dipped its toe in the mechanical keyboard pool last week, and it made a ripple like you might see on the keyboard itself. That’s because the keeb, aimed at gamers, features clear keycaps and switches so you can see the full screen underneath while you type, showing crazy colors and lights.

Whether the new Centerpiece keyboard is easy to type on or just crazy distracting, it’s certainly going to be interesting. It comes out in early 2023.

Finalmouse Centerpiece mechanical keyboard features clear keys and full screen

In a dramatic video released recently (see below), Finalmouse introduced the Centerpiece mechanical keyboard. At first, the camera pans slowly, showing ornate carvings around the case’s edges — like that of a keyboard forged in Middle Earth.

Things get even more interesting as an overhead shot looking down on the keys shows koi fish beginning to swim underneath. Then a hand comes in, a finger presses a key and it looks like a pebble dropped into the pond, sending ripples everywhere, scattering the fish.

Other images follow with different effects with loads of light and color set to dramatic music. If you’re one to look at the keys to make sure of which letters you’re typing, this keeb might not be for you.

Unreal Engine 5 graphics, special glass stack for screen

Finalmouse noted the keyboard’s interactive skins for graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 5. You can get them in the Finalmouse Steam app. And Finalmouse’s  own invention makes the screen under the keys possible.

“Made possible by a Finalmouse invention: the Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack (LDGS),” Finalmouse said in the video. “With two patents and two years of R&D, the Centerpiece is pure magic to behold. The gasket isolated glass stack offers typing acoustics and feel unlike any other.”

Tough enough for gamers

It appears to be both a mechanical keyboard and a Festival of Lights.
It appears to be both a mechanical keyboard and a Festival of Lights.
Photo: Finalmouse

The company added the keyboard is tough enough to withstand any “gamer abuse,” again crediting the LDGS.

It said the keyboard features a “custom autolubed linear mechanical switch codeveloped with Gateron. Inspired by the Gateron BlackInk switch but retuned for faster actuation and slightly different travel parameters.”

Watch the video for further details. We dare you not to be carried away by all the drama.

Finalmouse said the keyboard will come out in early 2023.

Price: $349

Where to buy: Finalmouse (early 2023)

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