mac – Bootcamp ‘Could not update computer’s boot configuration’

I own a MacBookPro 16inch 2019 Touchbar i9. I need to install Windows 10 on it as a second OS, but I cannot get it to work. Each time I use Bootcamp it gives me the following error right at the finishing stage of the instalation: ‘Could not update computer's boot configuration'.
So far I have tried:

  • 6 different Windows ISOs (official newer/older)
  • Installing without Bootcamp
  • disabling csrutil and disabling that CMD+R security thing
  • Completely resetting my MacBook to Factory Settings
  • Resetting NVRAM and SMC (once and twice an install)
  • First Aiding my Macintosh HD (once and twice an install)
  • Using bcdedit and/or diskpart via Shift+F10 while in installer after the error message pops up [commands did not work btw]
  • Mounting disk0 and deleting the EFI folder

And every single time I get the same error, except like two times when I installed it off a USB and at the start it said it lacked some boot-critical drivers. At this point I am desperate. I need to install Windows on it before Dec31, but nothing on the Internet seems to work. Any other suggestions, guys?

Author: Subham

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