encryption – Discard FileVault 2 key – macOS

As far as I'm aware, on iOS when you click the power button 5 times, you effectively nuke the encryption key used to protect the device (which is ultimately derived from your passcode). With regular use, FaceID keeps the key wrapped between unlocks, and thus requiring your passcode is a sign your device needs to derive the key.

On macOS is there anything similar? Reading about the Data classes and FileVault support docs, it looks like macOS FileVault only supports NSFileProtectionCompleteUntilFirstUserAuthentication, i.e. it's only safe when shutdown after initial login.

How can I nuke the derived macOS encryption key without shutting it down. i.e. wipe the FV encryption key on closing the lid.

Do I have this right? If so, that's not great.

Author: Subham

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