Comcast finally adds AirPlay support to Xfinity Stream iPhone app

The Xfinity Stream app can now wirelessly send video over AirPlay.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Comcast customers can now wirelessly send cable channels to any TV over AirPlay. The Xfinity Stream application has been updated with Apple’s streaming video tech.

The app already supported Chromecast, but this latest addition is a better fit for iPhone and Mac users.

Make your iPhone your Xfinity cable box with AirPlay

With AirPlay, users can stream and control video directly from their Apple devices. It’s a system intended to enable a device with a small screen to make use of a big-screen TV without the hassle of cables.

And now Comcast supports it in its iOS and iPadOS app. The cable giant said via the Apple App Store, “Use AirPlay to cast your favorite content from the Xfinity Stream app to compatible receiving devices like Apple TVs.”

The feature works with live TV, DVR recordings and On Demand purchases. That means it can very nearly take the place of a cable box. All that’s necessary to do is tap a button in the app and choose the TV.

Of course, the receiving TV also needs to support AirPlay. Many smart TVs have Apple’s video streaming tech built in, and an Apple TV is always a possibility. The cheapest option is a Roku Express, which sells for under $30.

The updated version of Xfinity Stream is available for download now in the App Store.

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