Apple could cancel or postpone 2024 iPhone SE 4 launch

The iPhone SE 4 might not see the light of the day.
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Apple could delay or cancel the launch of the 2024 iPhone SE 4 due to cost and demand issues. The company’s budget products have not performed as well as initially thought.

The full-screen design of the iPhone SE 4 could also push its prices higher. This could affect its demand and position in Apple’s current lineup.

2024 iPhone SE might be a casualty of Apple’s cost-cutting measures

Based on his latest survey, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple could cancel or postpone the 2024 iPhone SE 4’s mass production. The company is concerned about low demand and the product’s positioning in its lineup due to increased manufacturing costs.

Rumors indicate the iPhone SE 4 could sport an edge-to-edge screen with a design similar to the iPhone XR. Instead of Face ID though, it would sport a Touch ID-based power button for biometric verification. To compensate for the higher production cost, Apple could end up pricing the next-gen iPhone SE higher than the current model.

My latest survey indicates that Apple will likely cancel or postpone the mass production plan for the 2024 iPhone SE 4. I think this is due to the consistently lower-than-expected shipments of mid-to-low-end iPhones (e.g., SE 3, 13 mini, and 14 Plus),

The analyst also notes that reducing development costs on unnecessary products will help Apple in the global economic recession in 2023.

Consumer spending and smartphone sales are expected to fall next year. This has led many companies to cut back on their product development and marketing budgets. Given the iPhone SE is not a major product in Apple’s lineup, it is possible the company could postpone or axe its launch altogether.

Demand for Apple’s budget iPhone model has always been on the lower end

Unlike its flagship iPhone models, Apple’s budget models have not sold as well as it anticipated. Demand for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 mini was lower than expected. This led Apple to axe the mini models after two years. Similarly, demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is weak despite its impressive battery life.

Following the lack of consumer interest and demand, the company might just axe the iPhone SE 4 altogether. Or make minor upgrades to its next refresh instead of giving it a major design overhaul.

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