ssh – Ansible stuck at gathering facts when trying to run playbook to configure mac running macOS Ventura, apple silicon M1

I am trying to run ansible to configure my new mac. This is my repo that I am using: This is my first time using ansible and I am not as familiar with it. When I run my playbook, it is stuck in the Gathering Facts stage, indicating a ssh connection hang. Since it is a local machine I am trying to configure I am not sure what I am doing wrong and how to debug this.

Things I have tried:

  1. The customary google search that pointed towards an ssh hang and that is it; Not sure how else to search it or fix it
  2. I have looked at other folks' ansible setup, like Jeff Geerling's (Jeff Geerling's mac setup automation) and to my untrained eye things look good
  3. I have looked at the previous questions and none seem to be in the ball park the challenge I am facing

I have approached this as an opportunity to learn ansible, learn my machine better in the process. There is something that I am missing or I am not thinking of, please point me in the right direction?

PS: I tried to create the tag ansible but couldn't as I need higher rep in this forum. If someone can maybe create that tag, it will be useful for folks who have the same issue as I

Author: Subham

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