sleep wake – Troubles connecting to a macbook remotely after some time has passed

I have a macbook (running Catalina) attached to my local network via wire with a static local IP. It is running in clam-mode with the lid closed and without any physical display attached.

On this macbook there’s a Mincraft Bedrock Dedicated Server running in a Docker, I have also enabled SSH login.

So everything works fine but when I leave it and try to connect the next day I cannot do so anymore…

Neither to Minecraft server via iOS app (this uses a UDP port to connect), nor to shell via ssh (Error: Timed out while waiting for handshake), tho ssh sometimes works randomly.

Then when I login to the macbook via Screen Sharing app (from another mac) all seems to be getting back to normal and both Minecraft and ssh works fine for some time.

I have disabled sleep on the macbook also launched caffeinate, without success.

I have never had this problem on a similar set-up on a mac mini. Perhaps macbooks aren't designed to run headlessly? Is there a workaround?

Author: Subham

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