ios – iPhone location shows old house location address after a whole month

A month ago I moved to a new house which sits roughly one mile away from my old house. Unfortunately, my iPhone location still shows my old home address which affects every single app that requires location service.

I found some discussions on Apple's Forums and it seems that Apple uses a database that collects address for WiFi routers but no manual correction is allowed. My new house has a big French window that brings in perfect GPS signal and if I turn off WiFi the location is pretty precise.

It is ridiculous that Apple insists on using a vague location of WiFi networks when GPS is more precise. What is even more ridiculous is that Apple assumes personal WiFi routers can never move locations. My iPhone does not even give a single prompt when the discrepancy existed for an entire month. Anything I can do besides ditching this stupid iPhone?

Author: Subham

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