disk format – empty disk0 and formatting fails

I have experienced a problem (a forbidden sign) so I booted with the install CD (on a iMac7.1). The disk utility didn't do, so I tried formatting the disk to start again, and it hasn't worked either.

Now from the terminal if I type
diskutil list

I obtain

#:           type name          size       identifier
0:                            *298.1 GB    disk0

and the DVD

#:           type name          size       identifier
0: Apple_partition_scheme       *5.1 GB    disk1
1:    Apple_partition_map       31.5 KB    disk1s1


I tried to format disk0 but it returns errors…
what should I do? My goal is to put it in state where I can run the disk installer and reinstall the system..

To format I first used the diskutility, but it returned an input/output error. Then I tried from the terminal

 diskutil eraseVolume  "Journaled HFS+" ABC disk0 

Started erase on disk disk0



Finished erase on disk disk0
error with erase The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972) 

Finished erase on disk disk0

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