automation – Possible to switch to a specific page of the home screen when “Driving” focus activates on iPhone?

I have set up some filters for notifications and calls and such when I'm out driving, and my iPhone enters the Driving focus.

What I would also like is for the phone to automatically switch to a specific page of the home screen with apps that I use during driving, such as map apps, parking apps, shortcuts to start intenet radio, etc.

Basically, the full goal I would like to have is:

  • When the phone connects to the car Bluetooth, it enters driving mode (this works now), and it switches to a custom home page with apps used during driving
  • When the phone later disconnects, it goes back to the first home page with all my usual apps

The things I've looked for:

  • The Driving focus does not allow me to control which home screen pages are available, like focus modes that I create myself
  • Setting up a shortcut automation can be done, but there doesn't seem to be any action that I can use to change which page is currently active
  • Creating a separate custom driving focus, and using shortcut automation to switch to that when the phone enters the built-in driving focus would give me half of what I want, but the phone would then be stuck on this custom driving focus until I take it out manually. The built-in driving focus stops automatically when the phone disconnects from Bluetooth.
  • Creating a shortcut automation to temporarily switch from the built-in driving focus to a custom driving focus with limited pages, and then switch back, works in terms of getting to the right page, as well as leaving the phone in the built-in mode with the normal automation. However, since that shortcut now made the phone (re-)enter built-in driving mode, the automation would start all over again, making the temporary adjustment and then running over and over and over again.

What I hope is that I missed something simple. Does anyone know if I did?

Author: Subham

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