Maintain your privacy when traveling with this hidden camera detector

Search your room for hidden cameras with this limited-time deal.
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Travel is stressful enough without worrying about where you’re staying. It doesn’t happen often, but people find hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnbs often enough that it’s a valid concern.

If you’re worried about being watched, take a Scout Hidden Camera Detector on your next trip. This handy gadget can help you hunt down hidden cameras. And you can get one or two Scouts for an extra 20% off until December 15 if you use coupon code WINTER20.

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Check your room for cameras

Make sure you feel safe in your home away from home. If that means checking every lamp, smoke detector and teddy bear for covert lenses, then a Scout can help you do it. These pocket-size camera finders are easy to use and may make you feel like James Bond or a detective with a magnifying glass.

If you think you’ve spotted a hidden camera’s hiding spot, just stand 5 to 15 feet away and turn on the Scout’s red LED. Then, peek through the round aperture. If you see a bright red light shining back at you, you’ve found a camera (and a good reason to find somewhere else to stay).

Practice using the Scout by hiding the two included practice lenses around the room. You could even make a game of it. All it takes is a thorough scan of your room, and you can have peace of mind throughout your vacation. (Hopefully, the practice lenses are the only ones you’ll ever find.)

Save on a Scout Hidden Camera Detector

Whether traveling to another town or country, you should ensure your lodging is private. Check for hidden cameras using these pocket-size detectors. During our Winter Savings event, you can purchase a Scout Hidden Camera Detector for $27.99, or get a two-pack for just $24 more, when using code WINTER20 at checkout.

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