Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Third-Party Apple Accessories

When it comes to present-buying for a friend or family member who is a staunch Apple fan, one common problem is that they often already own all the latest Apple devices they could want. That's where third-party accessories become a top choice for gift givers.

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In this article, we've rounded up some worthwhile bits of kit that should help that special person get even more use and enjoyment out of their favorite Apple gear over the holidays.

Ugreen 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station


For anyone with multiple Apple device charging needs, Ugreen's MFi-certified 25W wireless charging station fits the bill. The sleek and compact white 3-in-1 charger can deliver power to an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time via a single USB-C cable.

In contrast to multi-device charging pad designs, Ugreen's charger features a magnetic 15W MagSafe stand for your ‌iPhone‌ with adjustable viewing angle, a tiltable Apple Watch stand, and a Qi-enabled well to keep your AirPods case neatly in place.

iWalk Portable Apple Watch Charger


Apple Watches don't have the best battery life compared to most other smartwatches, which means if you're going away for a couple of nights, you really need to pack your charger. Or, you could throw this compact power bank in your bag instead and charge on the go, no power outlet required.

The iWalk features an integrated magnetic charger module and a huge 9000mAh battery, which means it can boost your Apple Watch to full capacity about 20 times on a single charge. It also includes a built-in Lightning cable, so you can charge your ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch simultaneously. Available in Black, White, Pink, and Green.

Zugu iPad Case


Keeping a new iPad in perfect condition isn't easy without attaching a durable case, and Zugu's slick wraparound design for ‌iPad‌, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini is easily up to the task. Available in a variety of colors, the outer of the Zugu case is made of a soft pleather material and contains a hard TPU and polycarbonate shell that provides excellent defense against knocks and bumps.

Thick bumpers around the edges ensure added screen protection, while a recess on the edge of the case allows a second-generation Apple Pencil to be attached for charging (there's even an elastic holder on the side to keep it from getting lost when you're traveling). The Zugu also features a landscape easel mode with eight different angles to choose from, plus it's magnetic so you can even attach it to the door of your fridge.

Comply Foam Eartips for AirPods Pro


Arguably one of the simplest ways to improve your AirPods Pro listening experience, Comply Foam eartips use ear-conforming memory foam for extra comfort and provide an excellent seal, which reduces external noise and allows you to listen to audio at lower volumes.

They're easy to attach, while the compact design ensures they fit in the AirPods case without interfering with charging. And if you pick the wrong size, Comply will help you find the correct one, no questions asked.

Logitech Crayon for iPad

Logitech Crayon USB C

If someone you know wants to take notes on their ‌iPad‌ but the price of the ‌Apple Pencil‌ makes you wince, consider the Logitech Crayon as a lower-cost alternative. The drawing and writing tool features a slim aluminum body and an Apple Pencil-like tip, with the same latency, tilt, and palm rejection that you get with the ‌Apple Pencil‌. (Unlike the ‌Apple Pencil‌, however, the Crayon lacks pressure sensitivity.)

The Logitech Crayon is compatible with the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ (third generation and later), 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌, ‌iPad Air‌ (third generation and later), ‌iPad mini‌ (fifth generation and later), and ‌iPad‌ (sixth generation and later).

Superone Headphones Stand for AirPods Max

AirPods Max stand

Specifically designed for the AirPods Max, this unique aluminum stand securely holds your headphones in ultra-low power mode when placed inside the dormant arch arm, and also makes docking and picking up the cans a cinch.

Despite the minimalist appearance, the stand ensures the headphones stand up safely with no possibility of tipping over, while a soft microfiber material lines the base and arch, so it poses no risk of scratch damage. Easy access to the headphones' Lightning port also means you can charge ‌AirPods Max‌ in the stand.

Ugreen Nexode 140W USB-C Wall Charger


As an alternative to the 140W USB-C charger included with Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro, Ugreen's Nexode charger stands out. It offers the latest Gallium Nitride technology, allowing for better power efficiency that results in the smaller travel-friendly design, with the added benefit of extra ports for multi-device charging.

The main 140W port can charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro to 56 percent in 30 minutes, while the secondary USB-C port delivers a maximum of 100W, with a handy 22.5W USB-A port included for legacy devices. The Nexode features a built-in “Power-X” power delivery system that allows the charger to adjust the power provided to each port based on what's plugged in, and it offers wide compatibility with both Apple and non-Apple devices.

Gamevice FLEX Controller for iPhone


Since the ‌iPhone‌ is now a true gaming device, avid players are sure to appreciate being gifted a Gamevice Flex. Not only does it fit all ‌iPhone‌ sizes, it also accommodates protective cases thanks to its flexible back panel, meaning users can attach the controller with a minimum of fuss.

Most gamers seem to agree that its responsive sticks, action buttons and shoulder triggers make gaming on the ‌iPhone‌ a much more enjoyable experience than merely relying on onscreen touch controls, enabling them to transfer their console skills to their smartphone. It even has a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in headphones and listen to the action with zero latency.

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