Apple gear that isn’t iPhone tops Christmas lists for many in 2022

Apple products make excellent Christmas gifts

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A sample of Christmas shoppers making Google searches shows that Apple products are in high demand in most of the US — but the iPhone is nowhere to be seen.

Researchers analyzed data, which was seen by AppleInsider, from Google Trends to find the most in-demand items in each state during this year's Christmas period. Apple products are responsible for a fair number of items on the list.

The top ten most in-demand products. Source: Rakuten

The top ten most in-demand products. Source: Rakuten

People in seven states searched for iPad the most, the third highest number in the data. States searching for iPads the most include Hawaii, Tennessee, Indiana, and West Virginia.

AirPods were the fourth most in-demand item across the US. Six states searched for the earbuds more than any other item, including Kansas, Wyoming, North Carolina, and Arizona.

Researchers from Rakuten examined products from other companies as well. The majority of residents in California want a Playstation 5, beating the iPad for the number of states in which each product is most popular.

List of all states and their most demanded products. Source: Rakuten

List of all states and their most demanded products. Source: Rakuten

In the list of top ten products, the Nintendo Switch came in second place, with ten states searching for it more than any other product, including New Jersey, Oregon, Iowa, and Georgia.

Not many people want an Oculus Headset or Samsung Galaxy Watch, with only one state each searching for these products. However, the Apple Watch was only popular in one state too.

It may be a good thing that the iPhone didn't make the list. The iPhone 14 Pro models are in high demand, and Apple hasn't been able to make enough of them to ship them in time for the holidays.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus smartphones weren't as popular as the Pro models, and as a result there is still time to order in time for Christmas. Apple recommends ordering one of these models by December 21.

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