mac – How to update date/time on Macintosh without admin privileges (can’t use Apple ID login without correct time)

I'm helping someone try to get into their own Macintosh (iMac) that has been in storage a number of years. There are three accounts on the computer, two of which have admin privileges. One of the admin accounts is associated with their Apple ID. They know their Apple ID and the associated password, but cannot use this to update the local password to get into the admin account on the Mac (for reasons detailed below) — it just hangs when they attempt to do so.

They can however get into the one non-admin account on the Mac. When in this account, they noticed that they cannot make any https connections through the browser, since Chrome says “your clock is ahead”. The thinking is that this inability to make https connections is what is preventing using the Apple ID to update the admin password on the Macintosh.

They can't change the date and time from within the non-admin account since they don't have admin privileges, neither from within system preferences, nor through terminal (they could use ntpdate to change the date/time from within the non-admin account, but they can't sudo!)

It's a frustrating loop! Is there any way to update the date and time so that the Apple ID login will be able to establish https connections and (hopefully) work?

I don't have the OSX version at the moment — it would have been the one current in 2015, when the computer was put in storage.

Author: Subham

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