display – Macbook screen randomly becomes undimmed (Automatically Adjust Brightness is off)

I like to dim my mac fully to 0 sometimes, usually when I'm plugged into HDMI to use a monitor or TV. However, at random intervals, the screen will light up again (at brightness level 1). It's a small annoyance but it can mean having to cross the room to dim it again, or live with two screens on at the same time, which I cannot do.

Most of what I find online tells me to disable “Automatically Adjust Brightness,” but I've always had it disabled. Again, this happens randomly, sometimes multiple times in a row, and nothing is being done to the computer at the time (no charging cable, etc.)

It's a 16″ 2021 Macbook Pro running Monterey. Any ideas on this would be appreciated!

Author: Subham

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