macos – Apple Photos library shows imported photos, but local library size and iCloud Photos are not changing

I'm migrating my photo library from Google Photos, and have a weird problem when importing decompressed Google Takeout downloads into my Apple Photos library.

The Photos library was 26 GB when I started the process, and my iCloud Photos included some photos from 2019-2022.

After importing over 100 GB of photos spanning 10 years, the size of my Photos library is still 26 GB, and none of the imported photos are showing up in iCloud Photos.

My Photos settings include the following:

  • Importing: Copy items to the Photos library (Enabled)
  • iCloud Photos: Enabled
  • iCloud Photos: Optimize Mac Storage: Enabled
  • Shared Albums: Enabled

It seems like it is not copying photos to the library, and also not uploading them to iCloud photos.

UPDATE: Photos might actually be copied into the library, and now I have more questions. ‘Get Info' on the Photos Library shows a size of 26 GB, but if I open the Photos Library container and ‘Get Info' on the “originals” folder within the library container, it shows a size of 198 GB!

Q1: What causes the difference in reported size? Is this normal?
Q2: What might be preventing photos from being uploaded to iCloud Photos?


Author: Subham

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