keyboard – Why do keystrokes get delayed on poor internet connections?

I experience a problem with keystrokes being sporadically delayed by a few milliseconds, seemingly when my laptop has a poor internet connection.

I originally thought it was a problem with my previous Mac (2018 MacBook Pro, with the dodgy keyboard) but I have now also noticed it on a 2021 14″ M1 Pro. The new machine was restored from a backup of the old one.

The problem happens across multiple apps (e.g. textedit, chrome), but I've only noticed it when I'm on a train.

The significance of being on the train is that it has really poor WiFi — lots of lost and delayed packets — and I confirmed that when I turn the WiFi off, the problem goes away instantly.

The M1 Pro is running Monterey, although the problem has happened consistently over the last couple of years and at least one OS upgrade.

Author: Subham

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