display – Macbook Pro 13″ Retina Late 2013 trackpad replacement

I'm having troubles with replacing the trackpad on my MBPr 13″ Late 2013. I've tried two replacement parts. With the first part only click works, but nothing else (I cannot move the mouse pointer at all), and with the second part nothing works at all. I tried the original cable and replacement cables but the results are the same (old trackpad works with the new cables / new trackpads do not work with the old cable…). So I'm kind of baffled because I could not find anybody having troubles doing this. One of the quirks of my makbook may be that it has a Russian keyboard.

I've tried resetting SMC and NVRAM to no avail.

Have anybody had any luck replacing the trackpad? Where did you get the parts? I'm kind of reluctant purchasing yet another one…


Author: Subham

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