Safeguard iPhone 14 with dual-layer Laut Shield case

Laut Shield's soft inner layer and a tough outer layer keep your iPhone 14 safe.
Photo: Laut

Anyone who recently nabbed a fancy new iPhone 14 faces the question: Do I trust the device’s built-in durability, or do I put it in a case? Your iPhone may be tough, but is it tough enough to withstand you dropping it all over the place? Most people still elect to use cases because they can add both style and protection at a low cost.

A great option for stylish handset protection in the Cult of Mac Store is the Laut Shield case, new for the iPhone 14 lineup. Its dual-layer design is highly protective and it comes in six interesting colors.

Laut Shield iPhone Case Series 14

Those who choose to safeguard their iPhones against all sort of bumps, scrapes and drops have a solid choice in the Laut Shield case.

The case features a durable hybrid design with two layers of protection. A semi-soft inner layer cradles the handset, plus a hard-plastic outer shell takes the force of impact. Together they make Shield a good all-around protection solution.

And the case’s tactile buttons ensure the iPhone’s button work great and have their own layer of protection.

Drop protection up to 14 feet

All of this advanced impact technology — designed by Laut — makes the Shield case drop-resistant at heights up to 14 feet, even though the case keeps a slim profile. That’s some solid drop protection compared to many cases.

You can choose a case for any of the four iPhone 14 handsets. They come in six colors: black, bubblegum pink, fog gray, lilac, navy and olive.

Price: $24.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

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