bootcamp – Force Install Windows 7 on a 2017 Macbook Pro (Newer Macbook)

I really want to BootCamp Windows 7 to my Macbook Pro 15-inch 2017.

The problem is that Boot Camp Assistant only takes Windows 10 64bit or newer. Tried editing the Info.plist numerous amount of times. I even tried Windows 7 installation images with UEFI created in them.

I was able to get far booting into the installation and after that finished, I booted into the Windows Drive using alt+option, and then it gave me a BSOD.

So im stuck there.

Plus, I do not like Windows 10 at all so please no comments telling me that installing Windows 10 is the end all be all solution and that Windows 7 cannot be installed on newer machines.

I am very welcome to experimenting and if you have any knowledge about UEFI/EFI and WinPE bootcamp drivers, I strongly believe we can get this working on a newer machine.

Thank you in advance

Author: Subham

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