Bastion and Torbjörn have been temporarily removed from Overwatch 2

Bastion and Torbjörn are the heroes affected, impacting their ultimate and regular abilities. Torbjörn has the lesser of the two bugs, resulting in him being pulled from the competitive queue but still available in Quick Play. The bug is a simple glitch that allows players to extend the duration of their Overload ability if they’re quick with the button press. All that results is a faster, harder-to-kill Torbjörn, which, given his relative lack of use in the six years Overwatch has been around, doesn’t mean much. (Apologies to The Verge’s resident Torbjörn Respecter, Richard Lawler.)

Bastion, however, has the much more serious bug affecting his ultimate. Typically, triggering Bastion’s Artillery Configuration ultimate lets you call in a few orbital strikes that are devastating for grouped-up foes. But with the bug, well… now you can carpet bomb. See below.

Bastion’s been completely removed from the game as a result. You can’t even see the glitch for yourself in the practice range, which is a bummer because those hapless practice range robots absolutely have it coming. No word yet on when either will be fully restored, but in the meantime, at least fans can more or less log in to play the game. For now.

Author: Subham

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