macos – Images are saving as .jpeg instead of .jpg on Chrome

I've got my Google Chrome profile synced between my windows 10 machine and my MacOS 12.4 machine.

When I save a JPG formatted image from the internet, be it from a photo editing app, exporting from Figma, saving from Google SERPs, even if the extension of the image is .jpg on MacOS it always renames the extension to .jpeg rather than .jpg

I appreciate to many folk this makes no difference, but I'm not asking that, I have plenty of reasons to want to keep the original extension.

This only happens on the MacOS version of the Chrome profile.

When I use Edge/Firefox on MacOS it saves it correctly as .jpg

So it seems to be something related to MacOS + Chrome that's doing this.

I've been Googling loads but finding a whole lot of junk online and nothing helpful.

Does anybody else know how to change this behaviour?


Author: Subham

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