macos – How can I make applications on OSX open new windows in the same space when opening a file from Finder?

OSX 10.8. Pretty simple. Right now when I open a file through Finder, if the filetype is set to be open by application Y, oftentimes OSX finds a space that has an open window of Y, and sends the file into that window in that space. What I want though is, when I open the file, I want a new window for that file, and in the same space.

Per this question, I know that there is a workaround explicitly for Chrome, which is great; ditto this for Finder. But I want this setting to be system-wide. E.g. I want to open a new txt document through finder and have MacVim open a new window with the file in my current space (as it would if it were launching for the first time) rather than locating an open window in a separate space and pulling the file into a tab in that window.

Note, I do have my settings set so that switching to an application does not switch to a space with an open window for that application, which works correctly, but when the application launch takes place through a file opening rather than via the cmd-tab switcher, it still does the find-an-open-window-even-if-in-another-space thing.

Note again, there are two issues here–

  1. I don't like that it switches spaces
  2. I don't like that it opens the file in an existing window rather than in a new window

–and I don't see how you can solve one without solving the other; but it'd be great if either or both could be solved.

Author: Subham

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