macos – Error hdiutil: create failed – File exists -> but the file does not exist until this command fails

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Trying to create a .dmg file on an NFS share.


% rm -f store.dmg && ls -l store.dmg
ls: store.dmg: No such file or directory
% hdiutil create -size 300g -fs APFS -volname Temp store.dmg || ls -l store.dmg
hdiutil: create failed - File exists
-rw-r--r--  1 risner  wheel  0 Sep 13 22:44 store.dmg

Disk Utility also fails with a file exists error.

I can read and write files on the NFS share fine. No issues. The mount in vifs is as such: /System/Volumes/Data/Store nfs rw,resvport,hard,bg,intr,rw,tcp,nfc,noatime

Author: Subham

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