icloud – How do I download an iPhone picture as the “Modified Original Photo” to my Mac while using “Optimize Photo Storage”?

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My mom is a photographer, and she wants the original quality photos downloaded off her iPhone to use in professional photo programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.


She previously used Image Capture to do this, but has recently begun using Optimize Photo Storage to also store all these photos on iCloud.

According to my research, this means that sometimes photos downloaded via Image Capture will not be full size, so Image Capture is out.

We instead tried to download these originals via the Photos app on the Mac. However, you can only download the unmodified original photo (in Image Capture it showed the original AND the modified for download).

This is inconvenient of course because any edits made on the iPhone won't come through.

We also tried to export a JPEG from the Photos app, but both the High and Maximum quality were not the same size or quality as the modified original photos we could download on Image Capture. It seems a normal export via the Photos app does some kind of conversion on it so it is no longer original. But that also seems to be the only way to get the modifications from the Photos app

So…how do we download the modified original image from the Photos app?

(Or…how would we download the modified original image from Image Capture while guaranteed that the photo is the Full Size photo and not a thumbnail or some other not full quality version?)

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