automation – Why is it impossible to automatically toggle “turn on this line” on iPhone

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As far as I can see, it is impossible to automatically toggle a data plan on or off on iOS 15. Putting it in more common terms, in a dual SIM setup, it is impossible to turn your work line at particular times. (I am referring to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Data Plans -> Turn On This Line)


If this is true, it just blows my mind why such a simple operation is not possible.

I suspected that maybe Apple just has a different solution for that problem so I checked Settings -> Focus -> Personal to see if that allows me to turn off the work line. But no, there is no such option there. I block calls based on the caller's number.

And, no, the Shortcuts app can't do it either.

So my question is: how does this make sense? Why is Apple not allowing us automatically turn off one of our SIM cards?

Author: Subham

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