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I just got my Airpods gen 2 a couple of weeks ago. However the battery life is nowhere near the 24 hours Apple says.

I took notes, and got 9½ hours of listen time, before the Charging Case was empty (5%; no longer charging the Airpods). Once the Case is empty, the Airpods slowly discharge, inside the Case, at around 6% per hour. This appears to be the case for others, but this would mean they would be empty within a day.

I exclusively use them when walking the dog, so 4 times a day, for about 30 minutes. I get only 4 days of use out of them, before I have to recharge them.

My question is; Is it normal to get so few hours out of them, with my usage pattern? Or should I have them checked out, by the store, under warranty? I know the 24 hour they promise is under ideal conditions, but getting around half that seems odd. Other than this, I'm really liking my Airpods.

Some additional info:

  1. My volume is always below 50%
  2. I have them connected to my iPhone 8 (which supports Bluetooth 5 AFIK)
  3. “hey siri” is disabled
  4. I only listen to podcasts (Overcast App)
  5. After walking for half an hour, the Airpods charge is around 90-93%, which is about right (10% of 5 hours = half an hour). When I put them in their case, and wait for them to charge up again, the case looses 6-8%. One would expect this to be only 2-3%.
  6. I measured charging only the case with a generic Charger Doctor, and got 326mAh of current usage (5% -> 100%).
  7. One would expect the case to add 19 hours of usage (i.e. 24h total – 5h for the Airpods themselves). So I get exactly halve.
  8. I tried looking this up, but everyone is only talking about the battery like of the airpods themselves (5h), not the case (or both combined).
  9. (I don't live near a Apple store)

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