themes – Adding a second Text field to a Keynote (11.0.1) Master slide

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I want a Master slide with a second bulleted text column. So I edit the ‘Title Bullets & Photo' master in my theme, and replace the photo on the right-hand side with a copy of the text field from the left.


However, when I try and use my new master, two things seem wrong

  1. The placeholder text actually appears verbatim, rather than the ‘Slide bullet text' message I expected to see.
  2. When I actually present, that same placeholder text appears verbatim in the slide.

For the text field on the left-hand side, by contrast, the placeholder text does not appear, and the field looks blank in my slideshow unless I add some actual text to it.

The difference seems to be that with my new text field, in the style panee
the Define as Text Placeholder checkbox is active. I have checked it, and provided values for the Tag and Display fields.

After selecting the text field that came with the master slide, however, these options are greyed out when I look at the style pane.

when I look at the style pane.

How can I create a master slide with two independent columns of text?

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