It's been a while now that I'm facing this issue. From time to time, and on some websites, I have to either:

  • Accept again the cookies, and/or
  • Login again.

I'm using macOS 10.14.4 and Safari 12.1. It's quite annoying. Any suggestion?


I've tried the suggestion by @Monstieur in the comments above and I've installed the Safari Technology Preview and that has restored the cookie persistency for me.

I would say that if your Safari is this broken, it can in no way hurt to move over to the preview version. If you want to go further, you could also consider installing a current beta.

If you have the Develop menu turned on, this will happen. I do not know of a solution other than turning the menu off.


Chrome and FF have a feature “Continue where you left off”. With this enabled session cookies are not being deleted anymore (see Chrome doesn't delete session cookies).

Check if these affected cookies have “Session” as expire date: probably in this case Safari is working well, the issue is that some sites are saving session cookies instead of long exp date cookies.


Having the same issue here

Safari on iPhone

I use JavaScript to save about 20 different cookies, all bar one are set to expire in 999 days. Cookies are never deleted but some are updated.

Every now and then one or two of the cookies disappears, this is both the ones that never change and also the ones that are updated.


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