macos – rEFInd bootloader doesn’t launch on start

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I installed rEFInd bootloader from Sourceforge, and run the install script. Everything seems to be successful. The install output is


ShimSource is none
Installing rEFInd on macOS....
Executing: /usr/bin/kmutil load -p /System/Library/Extensions/msdosfs.kext
Installing rEFInd to the partition mounted at /Volumes/ESP
Found rEFInd installation in /Volumes/ESP/EFI/refind; upgrading it.
Found suspected Linux partition(s); installing ext4fs driver.
Installing driver for ext4 (ext4_x64.efi)
Copied rEFInd binary files

Notice: Backed up existing icons directory as icons-backup.
Existing refind.conf file found; copying sample file as refind.conf-sample
to avoid overwriting your customizations.

Installation has completed successfully.

Unmounting install dir
Volume EFI on disk0s1 unmounted

However, when I hold option key while starting my mac, I am still getting the default apple bootloader. My SIP is disabled "System Integrity Protection status: disabled." and my T2 protection is also turned off. How would I be able to fix this problem?

Note: I am using 16 inch 2019 Macbook Pro and running MacOs Monterey 12.4. My final goal is to dual-boot Linux

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