iPad symbol keyboard on iOS iPad transfer to iPhone iOS 14.7.1

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For years I’ve had an iPad symbol keyboard which I added in keyboard settings and would like to have it on my iPhone 11, but cannot find the third-party keyboard anywhere.


I can’t find in iPhone App Store, nor in a Safari search the same keyboard. I believe I downloaded it as an app to my iPad from a website, and then installed it so it could be added in keyboard settings. It works flawlessly and has more characters and symbols than anything out there and there’s no ads, no subscription fees, but just a free keyboard somebody put out there, and still works after all the iOS updates/upgrades. Mystery who created it, as no information is embedded anywhere that I can find when using the keyboard, nor in keyboard settings.

Is there a way to transfer a keyboard from iPad to iPhone? There’s no information who the third party is that I can find. Perhaps I am not looking in the right place?

It has a plethora of different types of characters and symbols from all over the world,Meet me categorized in a long list when you click on it a whole different set of characters and symbols show up. Like having 100 different keyboards within one keyboard. At the top of the list, there is a frequently used tab which has symbols and characters added if you type one, 3 or more three times in a row. Absolutely awesome, with no annoying ads or hidden fees, just an old time freeware that works perfectly for at least past seven years.

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