Free/cheap iOS app for easily “converting” portrait photos to landscape (with side black borders)

Is there a free/cheap iOS app that can easily “convert” a photo in portrait orientation to landscape for Instagram (by adding black borders to the sides and without any cropping)? I want to do this since IG doesn't allow you to mix multiple portrait and landscape photos in a single post.

I'm currently using Instasize, but it has a $5/month subscription and I don't even use 90% of their other features.

Every other “No-crop” IG-specific app tries to “convert” to a square, not landscape. I understand I can easily do this on my Mac with GIMP, but I'm on my iPhone more and exporting from Photos isn't that fast either…


PS: I absolutely hate IG and their uploading restrictions, but unfortunately it's the most popular photo sharing site among friends…

Author: Subham

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