automation – Changing Notification Center preferences programatically or from the command line

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(There's plenty of questions about toggling Do Not Disturb programmatically, this is different)


Is there a plist file or sqlite DB that can be modified to change these settings programmatically? Specifically, “Show notifications on lock screen”, “Show in Notification Center”, etc.

I would like to change these in bulk, and sync those changes between my machines.

(I happen to be using the Venura Beta, but this question applies equally to Monteray).

I found NCUtil, but things have changed since it was written.

  • It expects there to be a SQLite DB at $(getconf DARWIN_USER_DIR),
  • but it's now at $(getconf DARWIN_USER_DIR), which has a different
    schema (e.g. there's no more app_info table with a flags column)

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