macos – How can I compact a Time Machine backup history in .backupbundle format?

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I just got a more recent Macbook Pro than my current Late 2013 and in the transitory time in which I'll still have both but using only the newer one, I would like to keep the most recent part of the Time Machine history of the older one which went way back, occupying some 1TB of data.
I've already trimmed 2/3 of the oldest snapshots (of the original ~40) with the “tmutil delete” command but the overall occupied space diminished by just about 250GB. I suspect there'd be some (or much) space to be claimed possibly.


I've read about the hdiutil command which has a specific “compact” subcommand for the purpose but this seems to work only with .sparsebundle Time Machine backups format, and I can't find any alternative to be used with the .backupbundle format.

What am I missing ? Is there any free alternative command or utility to do the job?

Thanks in advance

Author: Subham

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