iMac says Storage is full but I only used 10GB out of 1TB of storage…?

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enter image description hereThis is very weird. New iMac. 4 months old, brand new. 1 Terabyte of storage. The Mac keeps saying I am out of storage, but when you add up all of my word docs, downloads, applications, etc., it only totals about 10Gb. Then when I click on “manage storage” it gives me a breakdown of what my computer is using and at the bottom line it says “system: 990 GB” – Shouldn't the system be operating at about 8-9GB tops?!!? I have deleted all surplus items and literally the total of all downloads, documents, files, applications, etc. is only about 10GB but it says my storage is almost full!! Please help!


I put up a photo of the storage management screen before I deleted some more stuff…. This is nuts.

Author: Subham

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