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big sur – Running i386 and applications using Rosetta on M1

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There is no native support for running i386 apps on M1 or any version of macOS >= 10.15.


Rosetta 2 is only a translation layer that makes x86_64 code (not 32 bit, 64 bit only) runnable on ARM.

However, it looks like you're trying to run 32 bit WINE on macOS. CodeWeavers, the developer of Crossover, a tool that allows Windows apps to run on macOS/Linux, has made 32 bit WINE available on macOS.

CodeWeavers has made 32 bit Wine available on macOS however, and have made an open source release of the technology as well.

Using the brew package manager, you can follow Gcenx's guide on how to install CodeWeaver's wine-crossover package, as well as other tools that aid with using WINE on macOS like Wineskin. It is available:

Alternatively, you can purchase CrossOver for Mac, which is CodeWeaver's main WINE product at: It's a packaged version of WINE, offering features like pre-packaged installers for Windows apps that you'd normally handle with Winetricks and other tools.

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