audio – Quicktime recording: help, I did 1/2 of an interview with my headphones on, interviewee can barely be heard :(

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In short, no.


Assuming the levels were set for your own voice, in close proximity to your mouth, that would make the other voice 1 or 2 meters away & also likely speaking to the back of the mic, which would usually be in its rejection zone. That is going to be impossibly low to successfully recover with any clarity.

The best you could hope for would be to edit out each time the other person speaks to a separate audio track; boost the volume, then see if you can manage to de-noise it… that's the fun part.
Decent de-noiser plugins start at expensive & go up to really, really expensive.
Even so, they cannot work miracles.

Izotope RX is about the best there is.
They do a ‘home' bundle for a mere $129- RX Elements
the ‘RX Standard' package for an eye-watering $399
or the full-blown ‘RX Advanced' package for a “please sit down first & take a deep breath” $1199

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