network – How do I create a LAN between Windows 11 ARM VM inside Parallels 18 with an external Windows 7/10 machine?

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I have a Paralells 18 running Windows 11 ARM on an Apple M1 Mac mini that runs a game (Splinter Cell Conviction) perfectly. I want to be able to play this game over LAN with my friend from a different country who has Windows 7/10 on his end. I have spent almost 24 hrs trying to do this and have had no success whatsoever


Attempt 1 Radmin

I tried installing Radmin VPN inside my Windows 11 ARM machine and it gives me this error immediately

I am guessing Radmin VPN doesn't work on ARM versions of Windows. My second guess was to install it on Mac but alas, Mac has no Radmin VPN

Attempt 2: Hamachi

Inside the VM
From inside the VM, I installed Hamachi but I get a yellow tick mark besides the other person's computer after adding them. Turns out that when you install Hamachi, it is supposed to create a new Adapter in your Network Sharing -> Adapters section but for some reason it doesn't do. I tried manually adding a driver under Device Manager for Hamachi by selecting the hamachi.inf file from the x64 directory but it won't proceed after selecting that inf file

Outside the VM

Hamachi simply doesnt work when you install it natively on Mac. It gives this error

enter image description here

Attempt 3: Zerotier

I managed to install Zerotier on the Mac host and my friend's Windows machine. We even managed to ping each other via the command prompt and terminal respectively and we were receiving pings. But once I try host/join game, we cannot see each other. Turns out Zerotier has a massive issue with LAN

Attempt 4: Gameranger

Gameranger doesn't support this game so there it goes out of the window

Attempt 5: PlayHide VPN

Tried to install this inside the VM the exe file runs endlessly trying to update but it never succeeds so no luck there.

Attempt 6: NetOverNet

Tried downloading this on both our machines and again it wont connect or took forever to connect. Judging by the expired SSL certificate I am guessing this one is moot

I give up. Please help, I dont know what else to do anymore

I would super appreciate if someone can help fix this
I have a few questions though
Should I use Shared Network on Parallels or Wi-Fi or something else?
Should I install tools inside the VM or outside the VM?

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