network – Router web UI slow and unresponsive on modern macOS (and iOS), but super snappy on OSX 10.4

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I have a router running the FreshTomato firmware. If I connect to the web UI in any of the following ways, it is very laggy (sometimes 10+ seconds for a simple page navigation):


  • 5k iMac connected via a gigabit ethernet switch
  • the same 5k iMac connected directly over ethernet
  • M1 Air wirelessly
  • iPad Pro

If I dust off an old 12″ G4 Powerbook and repeat the first three connections, it is in another league. Super-snappy, every time.

In all cases, connections through the router to other web interfaces seem fine. It's just modern Safari and FreshTomato that don't agree. Chrome seems a little better, but still not a match for vintage OSX 10.4.

I don't have any content blockers or extensions installed. What is likely to be the cause?

Author: Subham

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