Macbook pro 13” (early 2011) battery not charging/suddenly shutting down

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I have a Macbook Pro 13″ early 2011 which stopped charging a couple of months ago. I'll describe its current issues:


1) Not charging battery

2) If turned on it can either not start (right white light flashes fast) or start for a couple of minutes and then shut down.

I could start it with this method:

- remove power cord
- Pressing power for 10 seconds
- plug power cord, wait 10 seconds
- release power.

When I perform these steps, fan runs at maximum power (6000+ rpm) and the green light in the power cord is off. Also, mac fans control application didn't detect the fans.

I tried to reset the SMC with shift+option+ctrl+power before starting it.

Is there something I can do or some step i'm doing wrong?

NOTE: I'm currently living in a country without apple support


Author: Subham

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