Protect iPhone 14 with Laut’s new cases, screen protectors and lens shields

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Accessories maker Laut just released a dozen new iPhone 14 cases, screen protectors and camera lens shields in the Cult of Mac Store. They cover a range of styles and applications. We highlight some below.

And Laut is just part of the picture. You can see their new entries and other new iPhone 14 cases in the growing field of choices.

Laut Prestige Folio 14 Series iPhone Case

Laut’s new Prestige Folio 14 Series Case (pictured above) is a rich vegan leather folio case for your iPhone. It’s a case, a wallet and a stand all at once.

Made out of rich Saffiano vegan leather, the slim case’s design embodies the perfect mix of subtle and chic. With 360º protection and two internal card slots, you can protect your phone and bring your essentials with you.

And better yet, it functions as a flip stand, too. Prestige provides stand functionality to offer you the most versatile viewing angles.

Plus there’s no need to worry much about accidental drops. The Prestige Folio features 10-foot drop protection.

Price: $29.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

How many iridescent iPhone cases have you had? Maybe start now.
Photo: Laut

Laut Holo 14 Series iPhone Case

The new Laut Holo 14 Series iPhone Case features iridescence and a holographic design. It positively glows.

Laut finishes these cases with an iridescent film that catches the light from every angle. The case is also durable and scratch resistant, as it’s made from hard polycarbonate plastic. So that’s one tough and good-looking case for iPhone.

The case is certified to protect your handset in drops of up to 10 feet.

Price: $29.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

In addition to screen protectors, Laut offers a camera lens protector.
In addition to screen protectors, Laut offers a camera lens protector.
Photo: Laut

Laut Prime Glass Camera Lens Protector iPhone 14 Series

Given what a big deal the iPhone 14’s camera upgrades are, you might want to protect the lenses. Laut’s Prime Glass Camera Lens Protector is a good way to do it.

Made from top-quality tempered glass, Prime Glass helps you protect your iPhone’s camera and keep the original picture quality. It is even designed with black contour around each camera to help take photos with better clarity.

At 0.33mm in thickness, this ultra thin camera lens protector gives you everything you need as it features a solid 9H surface hardness and a shatter-resistant safety layer.

Included in the pack is everything you need for a clean, easy and precise installation, with X2 Prime Glass protectors. You get a precision applicator frame, wet wipe, cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers.

And by the way, Laut also features a shaded privacy screen protector and a clear glass screen protector at good prices.

Price: $14.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

And don’t forget, Laut is just one of several iPhone 14 case makers featured in the store.

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