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If I open a tab on my iPhone using either Safari or Microsoft Edge then if Bluetooth is enabled the same tab opens on my iPad in Edge and an icon like this appears in the dock of the iPad – it's the Edge icon with what looks like a small phone in the top right.


Both iPhone (SE 2022) and iPad (Pro, 1st gen) are fully updated on 15.6.1. They are also linked to the same Apple ID. Microsoft Edge is version 104.0.1293.70 reinstalled from App store today.

Neither Safari or Edge are set to share through Settings > Profile > iCloud (so not a duplicate of this question Stop information syncing between iPad and iPhone) and neither app has requested bluetooth under Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth on either device.

I initially thought it could be Edge syncing via Microsoft account but have reinstalled Edge and not connected an account and it still happens. New tabs opened on Safari on iPhone are also synced so this is clearly not the case.

  • If I disable bluetooth on either device this does not happen.
  • If I sign out of my Apple ID on the iPad it also does not happen.

I would like to use Bluetooth and the same Apple ID on both so how do I stop my iPhone syncing open browser tabs in this case? I do not want tabs from my phone appearing on my iPad especially if they are from a different browser.

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