Enabling iCloud Sync for Voice Memos, deleted many recordings!

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For many years I've used the Voice Memo app to record quick things I encounter in life. These events are of course, one-off things that can't be reproduced again, so the recordings are important to me.


Just now, I went to look for a voice memo from a year or two ago. I got a pop up asking me if I wanted to enable iCloud sync for voice memos. My suspicion for why I got this message, was that earlier this year I purchased an iCloud subscription and enabled iCloud backups for the first time ever on my phone, but had not launched the voice memos app since. I figured it was a feature now active because I had somewhere to sync stuff to (I could be totally wrong in this theory however).

I said yes because why would one not want your memos synced to iCloud, and the app came up. But, it has only about a dozen memos in it, and none later than 2020. In particular, the one that I was looking for, is totally gone.

A quick Google revealed that I'm not alone in this:




The third item here, might not be exactly the same as what I encountered, but still seems quite similar.

There are no deleted recordings to recover. There are no voice memos anywhere on icloud.com. Voice memos for icloud was never enabled prior to right now.

I'm not about to attempt a full restore of my phone, as multiple past experiences with this has shown me that in so doing I would be forced to upgrade to the most recent iOS, and I'm on iOS 14 and unwilling to use 15.

1.Does anyone know how/why this would happen, and how to prevent it in
the future?
2. Is there any way to find and recover missing memos?

Author: Subham

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