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I have a MacBook Pro 13″ Early 2015. Recently, my keyboard has broken. It first reported spurious hits, then after a few days nothing, so the computer was usable only with an external keyboard. While transferring all my data to another computer, I noticed that the speed of the system has much decreased. I wondered if I want the computer repaired, but with that low speed, this makes no sense. I decided to completely erase the SSD and reinstall MacOS, which I did following But even in recovery mode's disk utility and MacOS setup, I noticed how slow the computer reacts (e.g., when it shows window animations). Where can this come from?


Note on the battery: some might suspect the battery has bloated. Therefore, I took out the battery and checked if the keyboard works without battery inserted, which is not the case. As of now, there is no battery inside.

Author: Subham

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