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As you know, when you are in the Finder, you can select a picture file then press the space bar and be presented by the image in full detail. This is the Quicklook functionality.


Prior to Monterey, on my Mac, if I chose a Raw file, Quicklook presented me with a rendered image of this Raw file.

For example if I had shot with my camera in Raw + Jpeg, I would have two files, one raw and one jpeg. Quicklook would not present me the same image. On the jpeg file it would be the 8-bits compressed jpg, on the Raw, it would be a rendering with Apple own rendering engine of the file, with more color depth.

Not anymore on my Mac under Monterey.

Quicklook now presents me with the same image on both files.
I have made a test by shooting “black an white” and Quicklook on the raw file is black and white.

This is a high suspicion that Quicklook is now presenting me by default the compressed jpeg that is stored inside the raw file (including the treatments asked at shooting, here, black and white).

However, if I zoom inside Quicklook on the image, the raw is now charged (as evidenced by the fact that it is now in color).

[For clarification, the usual structure of a Raw file includes the raw data received by the sensor, hence in color, and a compressed jpeg of the raw data, half size in the case of Canon, and visibly here including the B&W post processing].

I've shared this info with one person that does not see this behavior.

So I'm coming here to clear the debate: Is presenting a compressed jpeg on a raw file the now default functionality of Quicklook ?

And if not, my Quicklook might be broken, any idea to recover it ?


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