Disabling gatekeeper functionality on a single file

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I downloaded the latest version of Pact CLI Tools, and I cannot run it since it launches me an error (In french):


Impossible d'ouvrir “xxx” car le développeur ne peut pas être vérifié

Roughly translated to english:

Impossible to open “xxx” because the developer couldn't be verified

xxx was at first the ruby executable bundled with the tool.

I managed to remove the error on the executables by Command-clicking them + open, but I have now this error with two files :

  • stringio.bundle
  • encdb.bundle

I tried to change the files rights (chmod 777) and removing their extended attributes (xattr -c), but it changed nothing.

And even after I associated the .bundle extension to vscode, to be able to open them, the Command+click->open does not seem to work with these files.

I saw this verification was made with GateKeeper and there is a way to fully deactivate the functionality, but it sounds risky.

How can I disable the verification for these files only ?

Author: Subham

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