Reset default track zoom in Logic Pro X

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I somehow made a false move, and Logic Pro X changed the default track zoom for a project to “half screen height”. I can't imagine any use for that feature, but there it is. It's a long tedious manual process to fix all the tracks, and when I create a track stack in that project it's created at half the height of the screen, and must be manually fixed. If I enable automation on a track, I must manually resize the track header to show the automation controls, and then I must manually resize it back to normal after I hide automation. This is immensely tedious.


Is there any way to make my project normal again?

I've read this page, and the part that claims to address my issue is simply wrong. The UI does not work that way.

The shift-drag suggestion in the documentation has no effect at all. The “Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks” Key Command sounds promising, but it does the exact opposite: It sets all of my painstakingly corrected track heights back to half the height of the screen.

I found some practical-joke forum posts which suggested shift-double-click on the lower border of a track header. That of course sets all of my painstakingly corrected track heights back to half the height of the screen.

Another thing: I've had to redo volume automation several times on one particular track since this disaster befell the project. I do it, and it works for a while, and then the automation is just not there any more. When I moved the audio to a duplicate track, automation stopped working: Automation says minus infinity dB, yet I hear the track loud and clear. I don't need a fade there, so just split the audio to work around the bug. But now it keeps turning the fader on the track to zero anyway, with no automation. Is this a known syndrome?

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