Grab iPad mini at amazing 20% off while it lasts

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Now is great time to grab an iPad mini 6 thanks to an outstanding deal.
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You won’t find Apple’s most portable tablet at a better deal than this. The most-recent iPad mini is now an amazing $100 below its usual price.

A great discount like this won’t last – if you want this petite but powerful computer, you’d better move now.

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2021 iPad mini 6: Plenty of portable power

The 8.3-inch display in the 2021 iPad mini makes it a better option than any iPhone for watching video or playing games. But it’s so very portable: just 7.7 inches long and a bit over half a pound.

It really shines as an ebook reader, but iPadOS makes it a powerful computer. You can attach a keyboard and have a mini laptop.

In 2021, Apple added a USB-C port, making the iPad mini even more useful because the tablet can use accessories designed for MacBooks, like hubs.

In Cult of Mac’s iPad mini 6 review, we found it to be the perfect tablet for casual use. The compact size makes it extremely comfortable to hold and an ideal travel partner.

Brilliant tablet at an outstanding deal

Apple’s 2021 iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi connectivity and 64GB of storage retails for $499. But thanks to a 20% off deal on Amazon, you can get it for $399.99. The offer is available on all four shades of the tablet: starlight, space gray, purple and pink.

Buy from: Amazon

If you want more storage, the 256GB model is also $100 below the regular price on Amazon, bringing the cost down to $549. The same range of colors is available.

Buy from: Amazon

Not to sound like a corrupt MP3, but Amazon also knocked $100 off the price tags for the versions with 5G cellular and Wi-Fi, so these are $549.99 with 64GB of storage or $699.99 with 256GB of storage.

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